بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم
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My Journey : In Search of Truth

At the time of writing this chapter and book in 2017 , i was 22 years old and i started my journey towards finding purpose of life in 2014. In this chapter i will try to share my story with you , and the only purpose of sharing it is because it might end up being helpful to someone in their journey , as i also got motivation in continuing my journey by listening to someone else’s story of finding truth. So i believe we should never miss an opportunity to convey the message , because any good word or advice could have a positive result in someone’s life.

It maybe the last chapter of this book (in order) , but as life moves on and only by the help of Allah more chapters will be added in this book. English is not my native language and i tried to write this book in as simple way as possible and it contains my observations and thoughts about life , world and purpose of life and i am in no way a scholar or philosopher neither i want to be, my purpose of writing this book was to convey the message (my duty as a “Muslim”) and share my thoughts with as many people as possible for the sake and mercy of Allah alone and there can be many errors in my thoughts and this book , so i always pray to Allah to guide me towards right path and if you have evidence against any thought which i wrote , please share it with me so that i could correct myself and also the readers of this book. And don’t worry you will never find me stubborn and i always try to stay away from arguments (that lead to more negative than positive). In Shaa Allah.

If you have read my previous chapters carefully there is one common thing in them , “Don’t blindly follow the ways of majority/forefather/culture” and always try to reason your beliefs and thoughts as they can be wrong too and always pray to Your Creator for guidance towards right path and true knowledge.

I was born as a Muslim in a “Muslim” country (where majority of population are Muslims), but unfortunately the Islam which i got from culture and forefathers was in no way near to the real Islam of 1400 years ago , it was mixed with culture , desires and traditions. People were calling themselves Muslims but acting opposite ways and following other cultures blindly. Bear in mind that national language of my country was not Arabic , majority could read Qur’an but unable to understand it . They used to take from Qur’an whatever they found useful and benefiting to them (either in worldly increase or winning arguments) but they tend to ignore other parts of Qur’an which they thought that it will make them change their evil and corrupt ways. They used to treat Islam as it’s just normal thing like every Human has a name so every Human also has a religion , nothing special. (I have written many things about this in the chapter “Advice to those who believe ! Part 6 (Wrong Ways)”). Even in education sector , Islam was taught in a way which was disrespectful , students were left no option but to cram what was written in the book (without any pondering or understanding) , although it was a core subject but it was treated in a way that students used to only study it just to pass the course.

I saw humans loving other Humans or materialistic things so much so that in their conversations they talk less about Allah but more about creation of Allah , asking help from them instead it’s the Allah who should have been loved more than that and it’s only Allah who can grant help. He has control over everything. I saw Humans worshiping other Humans (in consciousness and even in extreme emotions), although Allah is the one who created Them and everything else and those who they loved more than Allah and they forget that only Allah is worthy to be worshiped.

I saw humans judging other humans based on cast, creed , status and people were divided into sects and then sects were divided into sub-sects. This was the first thing which came in my mind to stop following these sects and division, because each sect said it was the right one and even used to abuse other sect people. Each sect making their own place of worships , making their own rules , hating on other humans and never leaving the door open for “Everyone has potential towards good”.

When i saw all of these things around me , i lost interest in the religion which i was introduced through culture , forefathers. Then i got the thinking that why would i follow something just because my forefather or culture follows , and why should i pray or ask from God if i don’t even know He exists or not. I had a feeling that Allah existed , but because of so much corruptness in my surroundings i started to question such things to myself “Where i came from?” , “Is there a Creator?” , “Why am i here?” , “Is there a purpose of life ?” , “What is after this life?”. 

I also studied different religions , i searched mostly about Concept of God in Major Religions and also concept of afterlife in them, and one important thing i learned while studying different religions that there are different ways of studying a religion , some study it by seeing those who follow it while some study it because it has historical importance. While the best way is to let the religion explain it self through its main book or revelation “Self Statement”. Same advice i give to Non-Muslims that Muslims may fall short of following the Qur’an in the right way , so don’t judge Islam by looking at those who are following it, we are not perfect but Islam and Qur’an is perfect and free from errors so read it, understand it , ponder over the signs in it and ask your One and True Creator for guidance only.

I was a student of science and my major was computer science and also i used to love Astronomy a lot and also was amazed at how nature follows laws and pattern and everything is in order. So , Allah lead me towards pondering and thinking about nature. I was then introduced with a topic called “Science and Islam” and i was shocked to see the scientific miracles in Qur’an , i was shocked at how can a 1400 year old book stating perfectly the things related to science which were discovered recently.

(Don’t worry , After this chapter i am going to write another one, which will contain all of the amazing material i gathered in my journey i.e Books, videos, links)

So now coming back to the events that happened in my life which i think are linked to me starting my journey , being the only son my mother died but (All praise belongs to Allah alone) it didn’t led me towards depression or stress , Allah helped me during that phase and amazingly it didn’t had much effect on my life too (psychologically/emotionally). Allah granted me patience , and taught me one important concept that “Every thing is mortal except Allah , everything is going to die except Allah”. 

(All praise belongs to Allah in every case/situation). 

Always look at the brighter and positive side , if Allah takes something from you and you show patience He will grant you something far better than that (either in World or save it for you in the Hereafter). So , there are so many virtues of being Patient.

And amazingly Allah already told us in Qur’an that He will test us through different ways , loss of wealth and soul and then also gave solution of what to do in case something like that happens.

I keep this video and verses close to me , and they never fail to comfort me in times of need by the mercy and help of Allah alone.


  “O you who have believed, seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, Allah is with the patient. 

And do not say about those who are killed in the way of Allah , “They are dead.” Rather, they are alive, but you perceive [it] not. 

And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tidings to the patient, 

Who, when disaster strikes them, say, “Indeed we belong to Allah , and indeed to Him we will return.” 

Those are the ones upon whom are blessings from their Lord and mercy. And it is those who are the [rightly] guided. “

[Qur’an : Chapter #2: Surah Al-Baqarah (The Cow) Verse # 153-157]

As you know a journey passes way easily if you have some companions with you or some kind of motivation to keep you moving forward.

I thank Allah alone for letting me meet some amazing humans from different parts of the world who motivated me in my journey and are still encouraging me in writing more and spending more time in this cause by the help of Allah. 

I didn’t wanted people to know about me at first but i also wanted some kind of online journal or diary where i could share authentic things i gather in my journey and it will become a kind of collection in the end , so i started with Facebook but i didn’t wanted people to know about me so i created a Facebook page (Islam Practice N Preach, with a tagline of “Practice what you Preach ” why this name PNP? because Practice always comes before Preaching and without Practice there is no purpose of preaching ). I used to share what i learn in my journey on that page , with all the references and links from where i learned it from . I was conscious about spreading the right knowledge , not the false one (as it is seen on many pages and groups on social media/internet , people spreading fabricated and false information without giving any evidence or reference).

(I had to expose myself after some while because the message was not being spread like it should have been , but only Allah knows about my intention behind this and it’s only Allah whom i am doing it for , i don’t need anyone’s praise nor i need fame or money from any of the work i do in this cause.But i do want to see as many people as possible being a part of this whole greater cause of spreading the true message of Islam for the sake and mercy of Allah).

After Facebook page , a friend helped me in setting up a website (Islampnp.com) which contains my collection/material which i gathered during my journey.

Remember the chapter, “A Strange Question?” well he was my teacher in university and the only one in 16 years of education who talked about purpose of life and he shared his story towards finding truth which inspired me a lot and made me motivated more in continuing learning more about the purpose of life. He was born and raised in Europe , and he said that he had everything which majority desires (money , fame , status , degrees) but then he said that he went to a city where he saw some people who weren’t impressed with anything he has to tell them about worldly things , and he was amazed by them and he saw peace and satisfaction in them which he lacked (although he had everything which majority of people desire in this world). Those people were Muslims , so he said i learned about Islam and this way i found this beautiful path of truth.

Wanna know something shocking ? 

I used to write these thoughts on my Facebook profile , but in 2017 i compiled them in a form of book on Wattpad, and do you know who motivated and encouraged me to start writing a book on Wattpad about life , world and purpose of life? 

A 16 year old Non-Muslim.

and the love for Creator that Human possessed, it really had put me to shame too. Allah granted wisdom to that human. That human converted skills/talent of Writing poems and drawing into praising and inviting towards One and Only Creator. 

(May Allah guide that Human towards right path and goodness and success in this world and hereafter. Ameen)

Let me share some of the work of that Human which i was amazed and shocked to see, and i believe after seeing them you will also say that “no way , that Human has to be a Muslim.” I hope and believe too,don’t know what’s going on between Allah and His servants and Allah knows who is guided or not and it’s only Allah who guides Whomever He Wills.

(I got the permission to share the poem and some of the calligraphy, i really want the world to see that Wisdom is not linked with age , and you should never judge anyone . You don’t even know what’s the position of that Human before Allah and you may not even reach such position in your entire life. )

First Poem , “True Love”

True Love is not done in Nature,
Nor it happens with Creatures.
True Love is not something physical,
Believe me it is an emotion critical.
No one knows the True meaning or True Love ,
O’Human the True Love can only be with True Lord.
Beg Him!
Ask Him!
Love Him!
Beg Him to tell you the right path!
Love Him to walk upon that path.
We today Love Him only to satisfy our material needs,
But always ignore what from us He needs!
We ‘demand’ from Him what we want in this Mortal realm ….
But O’Human these will not used in other realm!
O’Human True Lord is too Merciful, 
Beg before Him and give yourself to Him serviceful.
Even at the time of worries don’t grey but say ” O’True Lord! To you we belong, to you shall we return..”
This called the True Love , O’Human 
Not the Love with Physical and Mortal Humans.
Now you Understand O’Human?
The people will always 
Hurt You , 
Taunt you, 
Betray you, 
Kick you!
But the True Lord had and always Love you !
Though He will test you with hunger ,
Though He will test you with Poverty,
Though He will test you with Loss ,
But believe me he will always be there for you,
He will be there to help you out,
Because He loves you O’Human!
Because He loves you O’Human!
This is Actual and The Purest Love!
This is what to be called True Love!
The True Love doesn’t lie in love birds’ nest..
The True love can never lie in the
impure money Lust desires..
“The True Love is a great feeling” They say,
“That’s why it’s not found in mortal realm” I say
The True Love is love of Soul , 
Love of Soul with its Creator.
Love of Soul with HIS Nature, 
Love of Soul with HIS Nature!

Second Poem , “Deny”

I don’t deny,that the nature is beautiful,
Believe me for that I am grateful.
I don’t deny, that the sky is huge ,
But there is someone more huge.
I don’t denythat human creatures are beautiful,
But their deeds are not to be called beautiful.
I don’t deny, that we have all virtues today,
But we don’t have most virtuous thing today.
I don’t deny that the things are earned with hardships,
But there are some things which we earn without hardships.
I don’t deny the largeness of oceans,
But there is someone larger than oceans.
This someone is none other than
Who created the sky huge
Who created the oceans large,
Who created this beautiful world
Who created all these virtues.
Who created you O’HUMAN
without taking anything from you.
The only thing today lacking is,
The awakening in you,
The realization in you.
Open your blind eyes,
Which are veiled with desires by Satan.
You are forgetting HIM,who kept you strengthened ,
And following the person who want you weakened…….
I don’t deny it’s too late today,
But believe me O’Human, Almighty is merciful on you even today.
Only listen to the inner voice,
who always speak the truth,
Don’t listen to the Satan’s voice,
who has never spoke the truth,
Who has never spoke the truth………

Now i am going to share some of the calligraphy work of that Human :-

Now i am going to share some of the calligraphy work of that Human :- 

I thank Allah for making me meet a Human from Turkey , and not only that Human translated my book in Turkish language (you will find the link to download in next chapter), but also motivated me so much in writing more and more and that Human is al...

I thank Allah for making me meet a Human from Turkey , and not only that Human translated my book in Turkish language (you will find the link to download in next chapter), but also motivated me so much in writing more and more and that Human is always excited and curious of what i am going to write in upcoming chapter and i got most of my motivation from that Human and also i learned a very important concept of “Staying focused on the purpose of life”. 

I thank Allah for making me meet two Humans from Egypt and Malaysia , who taught me an important concept of unity and brotherhood in Islam , and it felt like i was talking to a sibling although we haven’t met in real life and the Egyption one was not only a great companion but also was my teacher and helped me a lot in learning and memorizing the word of Allah i.e Qur’an.

A 19 year old from Yemen , taught me a lesson of life which was simple yet amazing.

“How to be happy in life?”

You only need to do two things:-

1. Smile often
2. Remember Allah often

Indeed Allah grants Wisdom to whomever He Wills , regardless of age.

Finally , Allah granted me a best friend who not only helped me in this journey but other journey of lives as well and knows about me more than any other Human knows and is the closest to me among Humans , being an important part of this team he searches verses and hadiths related to chapters of this book and also suggests me in what should i write about and i always give him the chapter to review even before publishing here. It’s hard to find people with same thoughts and concepts , but Allah granted me a Human in my journey whose thoughts were same as me.

All the people i have mentioned above are a part of this book and journey one way or the other , and i pray that May Allah grant them goodness and success in this life and hereafter and make them live and die as True Muslims and accept all of their good deeds and forgive all of their bad deeds and make them enter Jannatul Firdous. Ameen

Now i want your special attention and concentration to what i am going to write :-

This book and journey is not mine alone , but i want as many people to be in it as possible because together we can help each other in goodness and towards one single goal of success in hereafter. (in dunya/world as well).

So basically we are a team with a single purpose of spreading the right message and advising each other of good and forbidding evil. I want you to be a part of this team too , by first reading the book and if you find any mistakes in it then advising me with evidence so that i could correct myself. You don’t know how can a good word or advice change someones life in a positive way , i have seen it , i have experienced it. Maybe you did too.So don’t think a single sentence is not enough , maybe it’s all you need to get the closeness of Allah which should be your ultimate purpose of life if you understand.

I am not a Scholar or a philosopher, neither i want to be. I have very little knowledge about Qur’an and Islam , i can’t even understand Arabic and most importantly I am a Human , so i can make mistakes too , and this book is not even equal to those which i had read during my journey. Purpose to share this book is to convey the message and also i ask everyone to give their comments and opinions about it so maybe Allah guides me to a correct concept and thought through you.So never miss the chance to advice good , but try to do that with evidence and believe me i am not stubborn at all and In Shaa Allah i always try my best to surrender to the truth and keep myself away from arguing , that’s why i rarely do reply to comments so if a person really care about correcting me he/she can send me a private message and i would really appreciate him/her for that work.

and if you find this book useful , share what you learned with your family , friends and as many people as you can. (for the sake of Allah alone)

and Don’t feel low , no one knows who is more closer to Allah. Maybe you are at a position closer to Allah , now or in future which i could never ever reach whatever i do. So always pray for goodness and success for this world and hereafter for yourself and also for others. 

About Islam Practice N Preach

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, "When a man dies, his deeds come to an end except for three things: Sadaqah Jariyah (ceaseless charity); a knowledge which is beneficial, or a virtuous descendant who prays for him (for the deceased)." -Muslim [http://sunnah.com/riyadussaliheen/13/8]

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