بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم
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First Conclusive Observation

Below is the unedited version, it was written in 2014. So without further ado , Here’s the text :-

If there is no God as atheists conclude , then this means there is no purpose of one’s life as Death is undoubtedly true (From start till end , death has been there and there is no escaping from it) and then following that after death there would be nothing ,like we are created and then in blink of an eye we disappear.

If all that is true then there would be so much randomness in this world ,but a sound human , can clearly observe that everything is following some pattern or path.like day and night can’t happen on same time , they must follow an order , planets don’t move into each other.

Though these are humongous objects , a little as an atom follows its given pattern/position as if not then universe couldn’t exist from start.

If the life is all about doing good and enjoying (as normal human persists) and there is no life after death then i have a choice like i can do whatever my mind tells and i am not answerable to anyone ,this in it’s own self is a dangerous thought. so there must be some justice , if someone killed you and you were innocent or killed your mother, he/she can escape from justice in this world but a healthy and sound mind doesn’t believe that he/she would be free from justice forever. The mind may think , that okay he killed you then he will also die so it’s a tie/ Justice Served! . but what if he has killed a hundred innocent humans including children ?

now how will this “Death for a Death” does justice for that 100 deaths?

Coming back to the universe and its pattern ,there must be someone or something that had planned its pattern.and that same thing cannot be created by no one as if U is created by G then G must not be created by any entity otherwise that entity would become G it self. so If the mind observes , that universe has a pattern ,and it’s planned and made by something i.e All powerful and has knowledge which has no compare

and obviously that must also be

(One because in case of 2 whether Wills or God/ there is a possibility that they may collide so it will be against our first observation that universe is in order)

and that can not be made by some entity as it is like an starting point

(just like a Head node in an Linked list array (Computer Science), even when we delete the whole of array the Head Node is there , and Array always start from the Head Node and there can’t be a node pointing to Head Node because then it would become the Head Node itself)

So we agree that the life should have a purpose and its not meaningless or vain so what purpose that might be that is the basic question and asked by Humans since the creation of mankind.

No one gives a acceptable answer than Quran , as the purpose of life is nothing more than to worship Allah Almighty alone (The One and Only God) , and if there is a purpose of life and a great justice after all that will end , there must be a concept of reward and punishments right ?

if a person follows God revelations so he is inclined for the reward , and if a person disobeys then there must be a punishment (That is justice in its purest form.)

So now Hell and heaven are also cleared in front of our observation , Allah Almighty could have just said “Obey Me!” .(Period/Fullstop).

But He is the Most merciful , He doesn’t leave His creation alone but guide him , show him how to go to Heaven and how to stay away from Hell.

But it’s the Human who has a free choice to whether enjoy eternity in Heaven (Success in it’s highest and purest From) or to be destroyed for eternity again n again (Failure in it’s highest and wretched form) as Quran says in Surah Al’Ala “They will neither be alive nor will they die.”

My knowledge of science may be not up to date or i may be missing some points in this , but it’s a simple observation by a simple human being like myself.

What i believe is that , whether you’re a Muslim by birth or a revert or even a non muslim.

You shouldn’t blindly believe in what your parents , relatives, fellow countrymen or any other Human tell you.

Open your heart , ask Guidance from the One Who created you (as without a creator , concept of creation is foul) and the One who provides you.

Seek for the truth , and In Sha Allah in the end if Allah wills He may show you the right path , i.e not but only the path of Islam.

and you will come to see that the Quran is nothing but the word of Allah Almighty alone and in it is the guidance of ‘Whole Humanity” (Not just arabs or muslims) till the Hour/Judgment Day (which is true).

May Allah Almighty guide us all onto right path and allow us to strive for knowledge that would only bring us closer to Him and also to make our hearts clean of evil of shaitan. Ameen! and also to make us one big Ummah and strengthen our brotherhood and allow us to live as He ordered us. Ameen !

The above text is what i wrote after i “woke up”(from darkness towards light) at first , you might be confused right now or have a lot of questions. Don’t worry , it’s your duty to seek the truth and evaluate it through proper thinking and contemplating. Just don’t give up !

Following are “3 simple reasons for the Existence of God“, taken from [onereason.org] :-

org] :-

As a last reminder , Even if you haven't read the whole text or any part of it

As a last reminder , Even if you haven’t read the whole text or any part of it.



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